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Hello DESIGNERS  on duty!

 Do you know how to draw?

Play Tibia?

Likes Cateroide?

Man… It’s show time!

You can have an ingame item made by YOU, alongside with some other prizes.


Be creative and create something that is related to Cateroide AND Tibia.

(do NOT forget that Tibia is a medieval game, so do something that really fits the game.)

If you ever need some inspiration, we have Cateroide’s logo and the fans have made some real requests with something inspired in “Shirdinho”.

“Shirdinho is a character name. This character has an program in Cateroide.
 It would be an diminutive of Shield, in a Cowboy way. Shield, Shieldinho (littleshield), Shirdinho”


<< Cateroide’s LOGO —————————————— Shirdinho >>


Remember AGAIN that Tibia is a game inspired in medieval era, so the headphone/set should not be put into it.

The Cateroide’s Fansite Item should have it’s own splash art (a REALLY new one). The examples above with images should be taken only for inspiration.

NOTHING equal or like the original Demon Shield should be done.

● It doesn’t need to be something with our logo.

● Feel free to send as much sprites as you want.



● Item’s size: 32×32 pixels.

● Your animation should have at maximum 64 frames.

● Each frame can have an different time exposition (which is normally on 100ms to 200ms) per frame.

● If you want some pause inside the animation, do not include the same frames repeated times, do some increase in the exposition time to the especific frame.

● All individual frames need to be put into an vertical spritesheet, with 32×32 pixel dimensions (*n), where “n” is the number of frames in your creation.

● As an example, we have Slime Gobbler, that consists in 5 individual frames.

● This means that, the spirtesheet have dimensions of 32×160 pixels, because 32*5 = 160.

Now, following the example:

Slime Gobbler Slime_Gobbler


● Do not forget to send the preview of the item already in .GIF, so we can have a thought of how the individual frames should be exposed, organized in loop.

● In this example of .gif animation, there’s a minimum pause on the first frame (500ms), and the others have variety of time, that have time of exposion of 150 and 100 ms.


● If it’s possible, use an transparent background (but do not include ANY semi-transparent pixel).

● If is not, use and one-color background that does not exist in the spirte, as example, “pink”.

● The outline should be black or have an similar style to the other items in the game.

● The spritesheet should be saved as “24bit PNG”, if that’s not possible, save as an archive “BMP 24bit”.


Content Requirements

● The item should fit into Tibia’s config.

● The item should not have any refferences to any Country, as example, Brazil’s Flag.

● The item is only and exclusively for ingame fun.


Resignation ( if you win the competition )

The item will only be implemented in Tibia  if the creator sign the following advice:

Dear item creator,

Please sign the following disclaimer and send it back to “fansites@tibia.com”.

I hereby confirm that the submitted artwork is my own creation and that it does not plagiarize someone els’s work! I know that all entries become the property os CipSoft.

By participating, I agree that CipSoft has the right to edit and/or publish the item.


It will be selected 3 winners and we’ll route it to CipSoft’ Content Creators.


You have only ONE MONTH to send your art and it should be send off until 04/20/2015.


1st Place: Fansite item (when it’s already ingame) plus Premium Scroll. (Sponsored by CipSoft)

Comp 1 (0-00-00-00)   Premium_Scroll

2nd Place: Nightmare Doll + Medal of Honour + Premium Scroll. (Sponsored by CipSoft)

Nightmare_Doll  Medal_of_Honour   Premium_Scroll

3rd Place: Yellow Rose plus Premium Scroll. (Sponsored by CipSoft)

Yellow_Rose  Premium_Scroll

Send your art to our e-mail. contato@cateroide.com.br
Start working buddy! And good luck.
May the Tibian Gods bless you!

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