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Salve Salve Tibianos

Hoje  eu selecionei 5 itens do concurso fansite item 

já enviei para a CipSoft para aprovação, assim que tivermos noticias sobre quais itens estão no padrão, eu irei escolher os 3 ganhadores

assim que eu obtiver mais informações eu publicarei .

The items have been selected and are in the custody of CipSoft

we are awaiting responses.



31 Comentário(s) NO " Concurso / Contest "
  • Lucas Pedrosa Ribeiro

    Opa, na espera!

  • Oex Oyu

    finally new info!

  • Honourable

    😮 excitement!!!

  • Contest Participant

    Well… This is a joke. Mar 20 2015 – Here, it is an exact date of your “contest” beginning… almost 3 months forward we still don’t know a thing nor about winners not even if the contest is still on… I can’t believe that you call yourselves an official tibia fansite, pathetic.

    I think all the participants would agree, THANK YOU.

  • Oex Oyu

    actually, the winners have been selected 😛 they received email with info about which place did they get and what they must to do to get prizes :PPPP so if you have not received such an email, you didn’t win anything

  • Honourable

    Well the facebook post was talking about the 1st place winner, that they needed to get ahold of them via email,in which normally you WOULD have to email them because they have to sign and send a disclaimer form. (I know because I have done this myself)

    That doesn’t necessarily mean the rest of the winners will be emailed. Unless Julio himself confirms what you say I will still keep my hopes up.

    It WOULD be really nice to get some more info about the winners tho, waiting for results always is nerve-wracking.

  • Oex Oyu

    i think we wont get any info.. coz in my opinion cateroide’s admin doesnt even respect participants.. don’t u think?

  • Honourable

    At this rate I don’t know what to say, it has been pretty disappointing so far to have pretty much no info after 2 months… And we are still waiting. :/
    From what i heard he was sick and wasn’t able to go over the submissions and stuff, but I dunno.

    All we can do is wait… or i should say, CONTINUE to wait :p

  • Oex Oyu

    I see 😛 but he told me that he is waiting for cip’s response 9 days after the end of the constest and one month later he wrote here that items have been selected.. so what da… for me it’s kinda weird.. 2 weeks is too much, but when we are talking about almost 2 months… I think it does not require comment.. official fansite = responsibility = respect for ppl.. rly, if you have not received an email with info about winning, you didn’t win ANYTHING

  • Contest Participant

    They could not have been selected because the results must be open so that there are no abuses like for example plagiarism. Or possibly cateroide admins taking prices for themselves…

    I believe that they don’t give us detail about winners for so long because since the day they posted info about the contest they just have waaaaay more views of the website (cuz every participant check out the website once in a while to see the results)… That makes cateroide get more money from advertise views on their website… Pretty simple to me.

    Once again, this website is a joke. As you guys said before, no respect for people who devoted their time and creativity to be a part of one big scam…

  • Contest Participant

    Och and btw, where is that post speaking about the winner? Can’t find it. (nvm I see now)

  • Stiv

    yes, this website is terrible.
    the contestes rules were poorly elaborated and lame.
    as usual in brazillian websites.

  • John

    0 respect for the participants.

  • Honourable

    How many more months before we get any answers?


  • Vaani24

    Prizes have already been awarded..

  • Honourable

    When? And how do you know?
    Why don’t we know anything yet?

    Who won?
    Because I don’t see ANY info anywhere about results.

  • Shiterinho

    What kind of bulls..t is this? I bet prizes went to admins or their friends. How can a contest be serious when there are no open results with visible winners and their creation… never heard of such dishonest fansite contest.

  • Honourable

    Are we ever going to see the results?
    it’s almost been a month since this little “Update” on the news…

    Out of majority if not all of Cateroide’s TOP NEWS it’s pretty clear that barely anyone has been viewing or commenting on the other updates/stories.

    This is the most active news article on the site I can see right now, with nealry 20 comments now…and yet seems to be completely disregarded from the admins, or at least, that is how it feels.

    We deserve to know what has happened with this mysterious contest.

    We took our time and effort to participate, the least you can do is give us our results.

    This is some criticism coming me – As a contest veteran and fansite admin:

    This is the longest wait I have ever seen/experienced with ANY contest and this is very unprofessional on your teams part.
    There is absolutely NO excuse to make your users wait this long, especially when your website and social media pages are VERY active, so you can’t say your “don’t have time” to inform your users with the results we have patiently been waiting a VERY long time so see.

    Lack of respect for your users/fans is what will bring you down, and with the success you are having already that would be a shame. Your a very talented dude with a great sense of humor and I do really enjoy your videos,

    But this utter lack of respect/acknowledgement for your users simple request is extremely disappointing.

    Please understand how frustrating it is to go month after month with absolutely no information, except rumors of winners already being selected/awarded…

    We just want to know what the heck happened.


  • Contest Participant

    I totally agree! Not to mention that admins completely ignore e-mails which also is unspeakable… I’m not sure but since it is one of supported fansites, maybe Cipsoft should take authority over this silly contest if, as it was said “5 entries were sent to cipsoft”.

    Did you try to contact Cipsoft maybe?

    ps. In this case hiding results is just clear violation, how can any1 confirm if FIRST OF ALL there was no plagiarism for example… this was just a waste of time. I hope cateroide will lose the name of supported fansite after this misunderstanding…

  • Honourable

    I sent an email asking about this and am still waiting for a response………….

  • Tard

    I sent them a mail like 2 month ago, and havent gotten any response yet… This is the most shittiest fanpage ive ever seen, fuck this shit!

  • Honourable

    yeah if I don’t see anything by Monday, then I will be reporting this to cip and rejana, and I am a fansite admin myself and this is completely unacceptable.

  • Oex Oyu

    This whole situation starts to amuse me… 22 messages and admin still do not react xD what the fuck XD

  • Contest Participant

    It takes too much effort for admin to learn english to be even able to read people complain about how dissapointing this website is… Maybe we should learn portugese first.

  • asdads

    join me then, i wrote a angry mail to cipsoft saying how bad the page was, the admin was and the info was. Also when i contacted them on mail they didnt respond, and after i posted on 2 or 3 facebook pictures they finally answered with this lovely message “F*ck you b*tch”. – Yea, this was one of the admins haha!

  • dfggfd

    joiin me then, i wrote an angry mail to cipsoft saying how bad the page was, the admin was and the info was. Also when i contacted them on mail they didnt respond, and after i posted on 2 or 3 facebook pictures they finally answered with this lovely message “F*ck you b*tch”. – Yea, this was one of the admins haha!

  • Oex Oyu

    yeah! let’s ruin themxD i will write an email to cipsoft too 🙂 SCREW YOU CATEROIDE!

  • Honourable

    1 problem guys, Ive talked to my fellow fansite admins and Rejana is on holidays at the moment.
    And with the summer update CIP will not be focusing on our complaints at the moment, however as soon as I know Rejana is avaliable, I will let you all know and we can all report this suspicious contest finally.

    Sorry Cateroide,
    We gave you many MONTHS to give our results and answer our questions, but your lack of interest/acknowledgement for your users requests and email only secretive bullcrap has put this contest on “extremely suspicious” on my radar.

  • Oex Oyu


  • Stickid

    As much as we want them. The results aren’t the problem, as far as I know they depend on CipSoft’s response.
    However, the biggest problem, in my opinion, is that they didn’t give us any apology what so ever. Cateroide left us alone with not a single clue of what is going on. That is unacceptable, especially for a supported fansite.
    With this attitude this website will never become a promoted fansite. And there’s a great chance of loosing it’s title as a supported fansite as well.
    That’s all I have to say.

  • Honourable

    Yeah I gave up on the results long ago, but sum closure would be nice.
    However what dfggfd said, them messaging him with that kind of response is completely unacceptable for any fansite owner.

    The complete secrecy of this contest and lack of response to their users is what I have a serious problem with.

    Do you know 3 other contests wee fully judged and rewarded during the time weve been stuck “waiting for a response”

    CIP doesnt take this long to help judge anything.

    I smell a rigged contest brewing here…


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